Cylinder Servicer

   Perfetto Manufacturing’s cylinder servicer is designed for the fastest possible cylinder repairs providing unparalleled versatility to handle cylinders up to 25 feet long in extended length and 24 inches in diameter. Our innovative through chuck design allows the cylinder to be completely disassembled or assembled in one set up.
   The honing of cylinder barrels is an important aspect of proper cylinder service. By honing, we remove any foreign material as well as refurbish the barrel walls maximizing their life and performance.
   We are able to design and manufacture cylinders to customer’s specifications and NFPA standards, (both hydraulic and pneumatic).

-Tie Rod
-Mill Type
-Welded Flange



Design Service

   Perfetto Manufacturing is more than just cylinders. We design and manufacture to our clients requests incorporating our experience and technical knowledge into building hydraulic power units. We firmly believe that the client comes first and we work together to develop new and innovative products.