Privacy Policy

   YOUR privacy is very important to us. If you have been receiving unsolicited email please contact us immediately and we will take the necessary to action to remove your address and rectify the problem.

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   This privacy policy explains why and when we collect your personal information, and what use we make of that information. The policy also explains where and why your information may be disclosed to third parties, and the security measures used by Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd. to help protect your personal information. Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd takes privacy seriously and will make every effort to keep your information secure.

Aggregate / Website Information:

   Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd may use your IP address, browser version to help diagnose problems with our services and improve compatibility of our software. We may use cookies.

How we use your information:

   Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd may use your personal contact information, which you have provided us with, to send you update information on our software and service. We may also provide this information to other Affiliated Companies. We do not supply your personal information to 3rd parties unless required to by law or to comply with legal procedures or to defend Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd's rights and property.

   You may update the information that you have supplied to us by contacting Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd

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   Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd protects the personal information it collects in a secure database, which can only be accessed by employees with the highest security clearance. Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd employees are required, as a condition of their employment, to treat personal information held by Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd as confidential, and to maintain the confidentiality of that personal information.

Changes to this policy:

   Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd may change it's privacy policy at any time. This policy will be made available to anyone who requests it.

Links to other websites:

   Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd may display links to other websites in the form of text hyperlinks and banners. Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd is not responsible for the privacy procedures to these non-Perfetto Manufacturing Ltd websites.

   If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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